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In this newsletter, I bring you weekly updates on “informatized” and “intelligent” warfare, new and emerging technologies, and discussions on these themes from official and state-sponsored sources (like People’s Liberation Army Daily (PLA Daily) (Jiěfàngjūn bào 解放军报) and Science and Technology Daily (ST Daily) (Kējì rìbào 科技日报)) in China. The newsletter will also focus on important developments in China’s science and technology sector, the tech industry, and relevant ministries of China.

The "Military and Warfare" section will cover important articles on informatized warfare, intelligent warfare, military technology, and related topics. "SinoSync" will cover non-military and non-warfare-related topics from Chinese sources (if any). "InfoBytes" section will have a short explainer of a concept referred to in other sections (if any).

About the Author

I am Research Analyst at The Takshashila Institution analyzing various issues in International Relations (国际关系). My primary focus of research is on China. I also incorporate knowledge from my engineering degree and experience as a Software Engineer into research on China and International Relations (国际关系). I analyze politics in China, foreign policy of China, the role of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (人工智能), Cybersecurity (网络安全), Quantum Computing (量子计算), military applications of civil technology, etc., in international relations.

I have a Master's in Politics and International Relations from JNU, Delhi. Before joining Takshashila Institution, I have worked as a research intern at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA, India), Observer Research Foundation (ORF, Delhi), Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS, Delhi), and NITI Aayog, Delhi. Based on these research experiences, I have published several articles on various platforms like Firstpost, Asiatimes, ORF, ICS, 9DASHLINE, etc.

I was among a few students selected as a Scholar, with a full scholarship, from a global pool of delegates to the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Conference in 2020. I have also been part of several youth delegations representing India, including the China-India Youth dialogue at the Embassy of People's Republic of China and youth dialogue at the Embassy of Azerbaijan.

When not working, I am busy exploring new dishes to cook. Currently, I am hoarding spices to cook Chinese Cuisine. Feel free to message me for collaborations or if you have an interesting article to share...or just to chat about your favorite Chinese Cuisine!

I tweet at @pardhimegha21.

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